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Nici Wright has been a practicing visual artist for nearly 25 years. Consequently there has been a lot of work produced that moves across different mediums, genres and fields of practice. There are elements of science, design, construction, engineering and humanity, ceramics, sculpture, bronze and steel, installation, fine arts, fashion, materials, found and recycled, live arts, music, teaching and facilitating and working both collaboratively and individually, nationally and internationally. Nici’s award winning works range from the wearable to the small and large scale indoor and outdoor works and installations. There is a fascination with surface, repetition and pattern, the sacred geometry of it all and what lies beneath in her work. Add the story, our stories inside of this. The exploration of places that creativity opens and that are opened creatively is the basis of Nici’s inspiration and that fine, invisible thread that runs through everything and makes all possible. Or not.

Nici has a studio at arts hub Lot 19, Castlemaine, VIC from which she runs her NMWmade ceramics business and everything else for her work.

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